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First Christmas Photos of the Season!

I finally took some Christmas photos! First up.........
             Hope!  (Although she will probably come back before the season is over...😀)

Hope you liked the photos!

Spring Green and Blue in November

What??? It was such a pretty day with the sun shining and the weather so warm....I had to take pictures!!! 

Which one do you like better? Top⬆ or bottom? ⬇

Blue Sky Tag

I don't (or haven't) usually post this type thing, but it looked really fun! (and yes, this is late..:))
I was nominated by Just AG. Thank you Just AG!!
#1 Thank the person who nominated you #2 Answer their 11 questions #3 Tag 11 new people #4 Give them 11 more questions to answer
Here are her questions
#1 Do you like Nanea?
Yes! I love her time period, though I probably won't buy her. 
#2 What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Superman!
#3 Would you rather eat a leaf or a butterfly wing? (I know, I know, weird question! But it will be fun to see what you say!) Leaf for sure! That poor butterfly.... :(
#4 Do you play any instruments or sing? I play a little piano, and sing. A lot. :D 
#5 What is your dream pet? A little puppy! 
#6  Logan or Kaya? That's hard....I don't really love her story, but I think ther're may have been some deal with AG saying they were only going to use it for her and other Native American dolls. But I don't know if that was true or not... Ul…

Hope at Golden Hour

I've been wanting to take pictures of Hope because I kept seeing her and how adorable she was. I added the hat and then my sister added the shrug. I realized I was losing light ( at 4 o'clock? Really? :( 😭) so I grabbed her and my camera and ran outside. Considering that, I think they look amazing! So enjoy....

Amazing, right? I could stare at it for hours...
 I couldn't decide between these, so I posted both.....

Anna and Hope 💙