Blue Sky Tag

I don't (or haven't) usually post this type thing, but it looked really fun! (and yes, this is late..:))
I was nominated by Just AG. Thank you Just AG!!
#1 Thank the person who nominated you
#2 Answer their 11 questions
#3 Tag 11 new people
#4 Give them 11 more questions to answer

Here are her questions

#1 Do you like Nanea?

Yes! I love her time period, though I probably won't buy her. 

#2 What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

#3 Would you rather eat a leaf or a butterfly wing? (I know, I know, weird question! But it will be fun to see what you say!)
Leaf for sure! That poor butterfly.... :(

#4 Do you play any instruments or sing?
I play a little piano, and sing. A lot. :D 

#5 What is your dream pet?
A little puppy! 

#6  Logan or Kaya?
That's hard....I don't really love her story, but I think ther're may have been some
deal with AG saying they were only going to use it for her and other Native American dolls. But I don't know if that was true or not...
Ultimately, I have to pick Logan. (Funny story, Every time I see the Kohl's commercial I squeal and say ''Logan!!" My sister can testify to this... :D)

#7 What is your current favorite song?
I also am really enjoying songs by The Color.
And Christmas songs! ('cause Thanksgiving is over. not that I don't like Thanksgiving, I just only like Christmas music and decorations AFTER Thanksgiving. I like to celebrate Jesus all year round though! :D)
#8 How many dolls do you have?

2 AG and 2 other 18'' dolls and some more random brands and handmade dolls.

#9 What is your favorite season?
Summer! But I also really love Fall!
#10 Favorite color?
I also love orange and purple, but not together...

#11 Which AG doll is on your wishlist next?
Either #53, a custom, or #68

I nominate:
Anyone else who wants to do it! 

Here are my 11 questions:   
#1 Which is your favorite Truly Me doll?   
#2 What is your favorite Christmas decoration?
#3 Sugar cookies or chocolate cookies? 
#4 What is your favorite song right now?
#5 Have you ever watched Veggie Tales?
#6 What is your favorite dessert?
#7 Historical dolls or GOTY?
#8 What is your favorite holiday?
#9 Tenney or Logan?
#10 Brown hair or blond?
#11 What does your dream doll look like?


  1. Thanks for nominating everybody!!! I'll probably post it on my blog. (my answers to your questions) If that's okay with you anyway. Not trying to copy, would have done it either way.

    1. No problem! Awesome! I definitely check it out!

  2. That was fun!!

    Do I count as anyone? Lol
    #1 Which is your favorite Truly Me doll?
    I've always liked #28.
    #2 What is your favorite Christmas decoration? The tree!
    #3 Sugar cookies or chocolate cookies? Chocolate, as long as it's an add-in and not a chocolate base.
    #4 What is your favorite song right now?
    So hard. I love all the Christmas music though.
    #5 Have you ever watched Veggie Tales?
    YES! Haha.
    #6 What is your favorite dessert?
    Ice cream.
    #7 Historical dolls or GOTY?
    #8 What is your favorite holiday?
    #9 Tenney or Logan?
    Tenney's hair is really pretty and I like her outfit. But Logan's really cute, too. Unfair.
    #10 Brown hair or blond?
    On people, or dolls? :D I think brown...
    #11 What does your dream doll look like?
    Let's say slightly tan with caramel-brown long wavy hair and blue eyes.

    1. It is fun! And you have good answers....😀
      (Hey, I can use emojis now!!!!!😀😀)

  3. Awesome answers! I used to like superman ice cream, but then cotton candy won me over. Coral is a beautiful color!


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