New Red and Black Doll Hats

Hello! Been a while, hasn't it? :D I was at my grandparents house last week, and didn't get around to posting. Anyway, here are some new doll hats!!!! One has a black stripe (the first set of pictures) and the other has a seed stitch pattern. (that just means it's textured :D) Just in time for cool fall weather! (I'm actually making myself a hat for cold days right now......:D)
SO, here they are. 

So. Cool. Am I right? :D

SHE. IS. SO. PRETTY! (Though I may be biased...)

The second hat....

Love this one!

Bonus B+W photos! 

I really like colors, so I don't use B+W very often....

But they were to pretty not to share.....:D

I hope you like my doll hats, 'cause the phase isn't over yet...:D (what? I like smiley faces.)



  1. Pretty! I think my favorite is the first hat!
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Great post and cute photos! I also have an AG doll blog! It would be great if you could follow it! I'm trying to reach 70 followers! Thanks!

    ~Bella /


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