Yes. Another doll. I wasn't expecting it either. I went to Goodwill (I love thrift stores) for clothes and was looking at baby clothes when I saw some dolls and found her. I've looked for AG dolls there before but never found any, so I wondered if they just didn't get any or sold them online. But I found one and now I'll keep checking because the lady who worked there said they sell really fast.
Enough back story here she is..........
Willow Grae
My sister and I are sharing her, and it didn't even take us that long to decide on a name. She is a Josefina doll that we gave a haircut too, her hair was looking pretty bad. We also changed her part. (there's a before photo at the end of the post....:) We also took her earrings out (easier said than done) and I put other ones in.

I'm so excited to finally have a DOC!!

She's so pretty.

Shortest hair; and she rocks it!

I realized later that her shirt is the same one Jemma will wear in a later post..

see her earrings? they are human ones because her holes are smaller than most dolls

(I almost forgot to add it, but here it is. )

πŸ“· Anna 🍍




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